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The Wild Life in Central Park



Alice gleams in the mad, mad world while

parents teach their young to share a rock in the sun – 

the sparrow bold and sharp finds crumbs –

and the moth believes herself beautiful. 

Black eyed susans flirt by water’s edge –

clouds swim in the pond – 

while strange monster daisies stretch for the sun.  

Brides marry, half-mad with love –  undone – 

a man holds a plum – 

and an old lady shares her fries with her papillons.

So what if a rat surprises you in the Rambles? In the wilds of the Park, one rat among squirrels, going about his ratty business with his bad reputation?

Still the troubadour sings his songs in a mad mad world – songs ringing truths old and ever young



  1. so lovely, Jennifer! you show us there is looking and then there is seeing.

  2. So, Jen, I love your walk in the park. And especially”clouds swim in the lake.”

  3. Thank you for taking me back to our old stomping grounds! Miss it so much this time of year!

  4. You always have the most wonderful posts–keep on!

  5. Been there countless times…but you saw more here than I think I ever have. Enjoy the Big Apple!

    • I spent the better part of a day there, sometimes just wandering, sometimes getting out the map, sitting down sometimes… it is so enchanting! It was amazing to be back in the City after so long. Xoxo

  6. Gorgeous photographs. Wonderful verse.

  7. Lovely photos, Jennifer!

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