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When the Sun is Just Right in December


When the sun is just right in December
and you’re walking around the block in your old neighborhood
(where you grew up)
you’ll see boxes that give wings to words,

woodland animals visiting for a season

(or longer)

and magical beasts considering flight to parts unknown.

You may see things that are lost

not quite right 

or deeply unsettling.

When the sun is just right in December
and you’re walking around the block in your old neighborhood
(where you grew up)
it’s funny how a deflated Rudolph can break your heart

while a lamppost nearby promises light


Deep in December, it’s nice to remember…


  1. I never knew he sang. This absolutely made my deep in December Sunday morning here in the dark watching the fire. Thank you.

  2. The Fantasticks! Wonderful addition to this post.

  3. This post is a gift. Merry Christmas – Patricia

  4. I’m remembering! Thanks for the photos, comments, and music! Merry Christmas!!!

  5. Thanks. A great way to start my morning. Love that song.

  6. What a wonderful reflection.
    Thanks for sharing and Merry Christmas.

  7. A beautiful post that made me smile and tear up (in a good way). Thanks as always, Jennifer. Happy holidays!

  8. Thank you, Jennifer. The photographs, the poetry, and the song made for the perfect start to the day as I drank my morning coffee

  9. So lovely and thoughtful, as always. We sang that song in our high school chorus and we kind of butchered it with the word “follow (follow, follow, follow)” in a three-part round! That’s what I remember. Merry Christmas, friend.

    • I think most versions I’ve heard have been butchered by all those follows! His rendition is the loveliest I’ve heard. So nice to hear from you, Dallas! Merry Christmas to you as well, friend. Xoxo

  10. When I wake up in the middle of the night and a Law and Order episode is on, I’m always happy! Especially when Jerry Orbach is in it. And now to see him young and singing! Wonderful!

  11. That’s one of my favorite songs and the photos put all the yard decorations in a different, delightful light (perhaps it is the sun) Thank you for this Christmas gift!

  12. Dear Jennifer, What a powerful experience you created for us today! Your amusing words and photos gently dovetail with Jerry Orbach’s tender performance. Thanks for the reminder that we always have the opportunity to look at our personal history with love.

  13. Hi, Jennifer! Thank you for the reminder of that beautiful song from the archives of my memory! I have now listened to the original and three other versions 🙂 So enjoyed it along with the post. All the best this season! XO

  14. A lovely walk on a familiar path at a special time of year…a perfect Sunday reflection. Thanks for bringing back some heart warming memories of my own. I remember. ❤️

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