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Savory picks for the free range reader

March 12, 2015
by jenniferpuryear

If You Like Downton Abbey … Guest Post by Holly Conner on Nashville’s Up and Coming Elizabeth Carden

Book Title: The Pearl of Blenheim

Holly Conner – in a bold and creative move – duck taped her younger brother Forrest to the door jamb when he was considerably smaller.  It seems he’s forgiven her, though: “Holly is the most loving, caring, supportive and adoring big sister he could ever ask for,” raves sister-in-law Stephanie.  “He loves her dearly, as do I!” In the years since, Holly has directed her …

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March 7, 2015
by jenniferpuryear

Bacon at the Bookstore: A Tale of Two Hollies

Book Title: The Half Brother

“Big Holly” and “Little Holly” lived next door to each other as freshmen at Duke.  “I adored her immediately,” says Nashvillian Holly Conner about Holly LeCraw, who grew up in Atlanta.  As “token” Southerners, they became fast friends, rooming together sophomore year and beyond.  Our Nashville Holly remembers the huge flamingo beach mural on the wall of their room sophomore year: “it was quite the hot …

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