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Savory picks for the free range reader

April 7, 2016
by jenniferpuryear

An Immigrant Tale (Ru, by Kim Thuy)

Book Title: Ru

Regular Bacon contributor Martha Ivester has singlehandedly brought traffic to a standstill all over town.  We love her anyhow!  She’s 9 months into her new job tearing up streets to build out Google Fiber in Nashville (as City Manager for Google).  She’s also an immigrant, born and raised in Canada.  She moved to the United States from Hong Kong in her 30s and became a …

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August 18, 2015
by jenniferpuryear

Guest Post: Martha Ivester on Why She Didn’t Finish Her Summer Reading

Book Title: Family Furnishings

I sometimes feel like I barely manage the technology in my life.  BaconOnTheBookshelf only exists because my friend Betsy Wills patiently and painstakingly walked me through all the hard parts.  I’m so impressed by friends like her and Martha Ivester, who has recently joined the Google team as City Manager of Google Fiber, Nashville.  She’s in charge of the rollout of the gigabit network here! “It’s a fantastic …

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January 23, 2015
by jenniferpuryear

Guest Post by Martha Ivester: On Youth, Innocence, and Travel Abroad

Book Title: Undress Me in the Temple of Heaven

O Canada – I’m so sorry for your loss!  We’ve stolen one of your finest!  She’s thriving in Nashville now: Martha Ivester blooms where she grows. At Creative Artists Agency, Martha helps create pop culture platforms and music partnerships for some of the world’s leading brands, working with talented artists on a daily basis, “constantly humbled by the creativity around me.”  Martha is on the …

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