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Still Reeling from Last Night (Superbowl Sunday)


I’m not even a Seahawks fan and I’m “stuck in a moment,” in the words of U2.  I went to bed thinking about that final second down play and woke up thinking about it – that decision to pass 1 yard and 20 seconds away from a near-certain win.  Talk about snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

I think we love games in part because they are just like life, but without the boring parts.  In particular:  some split-second decisions have profound consequences.  Please stop in at Bacon tomorrow for an interview with Nashville author Adam Ross, in which we discuss choices and consequences.  I’m hoping to be functional again by then.

Photo: Getty Image, New York Post

Photo: Getty Image, New York Post


  1. Jennifer: I feel the same way – just proves how defeat can be as stunning as victory – remember the opener of the Wide World of Sports show that was on TV a long while ago? As a child, I was always riveted by the sight of that guy wiping out on the ski jump to the announcer’s words, “the agony of defeat!” I was happy to hear years later that the skier that crashed was not hurt in the fall . . . at least he was not physically hurt. Hopefully, he overcame that being his most viewed moment in sport. There is another life lesson out there, perhaps. People will tune in to see the stunning – even if it is hard to watch That might be an important lesson to take away in an age where what is lived out in the media (posted, sent and shared) lives somewhere, literally, forever, and can be viewed millions of times.

  2. I think we all feel that way today, Jennifer! I look forward to hearing from Adam. Never a dull moment with him for sure!

  3. If the pass had resulted in a touchdown, all of the commentators would have been effusive with “brilliant call” since the defense was obviously keying on Lynch. Plus, if it were an incomplete pass , the clock would have stopped. It was obviously a play that had had been practiced many times. It came within inches of working. Great entertainment, to be sure.

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