We moms and dads do learn a few things along the way, thank goodness.  Today’s post features a recent email exchange between two fathers…

Jack:  Where is your daughter in school?

Bill:  She’s still a junior in high school but hoping to go to U of Chicago.

Jack:  Wonderful university!  Good luck to her.  Almost went to law school there.  But in retrospect it is probably best that I did not.  This Southern boy would not have done well in the brutally brutally cold Chicago winters.

Bill:  I keep reminding my Florida born daughter that same thing.

Jack:  My daughter is almost 31, and it has been my experience, so far, that the first 31 years are the hardest segment of being the father of a daughter.  I am trying to remember the last time she listened to any advice I ever gave her – and I can’t remember when that was.  I am not sure it ever happened.  But she turned out o.k.

Bill:  Well said.

*     *    *

Happy Father’s Day to all of the dads who are sometimes or always ignored!  I suspect that covers most of them.

To my own Dad:  Your example spoke louder than any advice.  Thank you – and Happy Father’s Day!  (Also Happy Birthday to you today, dear Mom.)

Many thanks to Jack Barnwell, my high school history teacher, for sharing this exchange.  Jack recently retired from the practice of law and continues to be a great teacher.

*     *     *

Congratulations to Leigh Barnwell, who just graduated magna cum laude from Harvard Law.


Jack and Leigh, now


Jack and Leigh, then



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