IMG_1656A hard rain came tearing through this afternoon, whipping everything outside into a hot frenzy of wet green.  Pepper went crazy, and not with fear.  She ran around the sunroom, herself a hot frenzy of black fur, barking at every window.  She ran to the front door and barked at the rain there as well.  The storm passed as quickly as it had come, and Pep and I had a chance to sit down together in the sunroom, calm down, and talk about things.

“Pep,” I said.  “I appreciate your bravery and ferocity in the face of a perceived threat, but just so you know – it was only rain.  You’ve seen rain before.  There’s no need to get so worked up.  And you might remember in the future the lovely lines of Longfellow in his poem “The Rainy Day”:  ‘Thy fate is the common fate of all, Into each life some rain must fall.’”

Pepper was still panting a little from her exertions.  Also smiling.  “Longfellow was barking at the rain too,” she said.  “I know it was just rain.”

I decided not to offer any further comments, and together we watched the sun come out and the steam rise from the grass.


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