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First Chapter of To Kill a Mockingbird Prequel Printed in Today’s Wall Street Journal


A1rBZedGc0LHonestly, I’ve felt a little sad thinking about the release of Go Set a Watchman next Tuesday, July 14th.  It seems hard to know if this book was ever meant for the world.  But today’s first chapter published in the Wall Street Journal has lifted my spirits!  Jean Louise Finch (Scout, all grown up) sparkles with life on the page and even enjoys a delicious kiss in the first chapter.  Here’s to good beginnings!


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unnamed-20At right:  Harper Lee with her friend Joy Brown and documentary filmmaker and author Mary McDonagh Murphy on June 30th at the Prop & Gavel restaurant in Monroeville, Alabama.  Lee is looking at an advance copy of Go Set a Watchman.  For more information on the PBS American Masters documentary on Harper Lee, including airing times, click here.   For Nashville Public Television times, click here.  You’ll need to set your DVR in Nashville.

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Matt Osborne wrote a post on “The Startling Return of Harper Lee” when the news of the book’s discovery was announced.  Be on the lookout for his review of Go Set a Watchman soon!  (No pressure, Matt…)





  1. Omigoodness I can’t wait. TKAMB is a book I read and re-read when we were in high school, and then I taught it many times. Like Salinger, Lee was always writing. She just didn’t want everyone asking her about it. Hard to work under a hot lamp.

    I’m reading “The Mockingbird Next Door” and it’s somewhat interesting–a Chicago Tribune reporter’s version of living next door to Lee and her sister Alice, and getting to know them. It’s not very revelatory, but that’s out of respect to Nelle and Alice.

    Thank you for letting me know about the PBS special tonight; I’ll be watching.

    • I love how much you love TKAMB! I can’t wait to hear what you think about Go Set a Watchman. I read about The Mockingbird Next Door – just a short blurb somewhere – and I thought it seemed a little bit like spying on your neighbor. I guess that’s what all writers do. 🙂 Love to you & yours, Lyn! xo

  2. Think it is actually on Sat at 1:00 on PBS in Nashville.

  3. The movie is at the Belcourt this weekend.

  4. Thank you so much for letting us know, Sally! I just looked it up: playing 11:20 am Saturday and Sunday. You are incredibly kind to mention this! I’m sorry I missed it earlier!

  5. Hmmm. I read the NY Times review. Then I read the first chapter in the WSJ. I must say, I”m not eager to read it. First, I can’t help but think I’ll be disappointed, and the first chapter confirmed that to me. Just not nearly as good and suspenseful and “fresh” as Scout’s voice as a child. I can see why the publisher had her rewrite it. Second, I don’t like the idea of having to look at Atticus any other way than a moral hero. Yes, of course this might make him more human, but I don’t want him human. Also, I can’t help but think that Harper Lee had a reason of not wanting to ever have another book published for so many years. Why would she now relent? Nevertheless, I AM curious, so perhaps in the end I WILL read it. But not rushing out there to read it I guess:-)

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