When Pepper and I stepped outside one recent morning, we were greeted by a strong, unmistakable odor.  l considered a hasty retreat, but Pep likes company when she is accomplishing morning tasks.

She tried to track the intriguing scent for some time.  Her nose led her here and there as she zigged and zagged across the yard.  She shivered with excitement; I shivered in the cold.









We finally came back inside, where she tucked into breakfast and I put the teakettle on the stove.

“What was that incredible scent?” she asked me.  “It drove me crazy!  It was the most exciting thing I’ve ever smelled!  I felt like a different dog!  Like the dog I’ve always wanted to be!  I felt so alive!”

“Some people call that scent ‘a skunk.’  Some people call it ‘falling in love,’” I replied with a sly smile.

“Don’t be cynical,” she replied firmly.

“Never!” I responded, laughing and giving her a big kiss on the muzzle.  “Just saying.”

               *      *      *                           

imagesHappy Valentine’s Day from Pepper and me!  

May all your loves be true.




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