It was my gift, not hers, wrapped in a pretty blue box and ribbon with lots of white tissue paper.  Pepper found it on the dining room table and dismantled it while I was upstairs.  I found most of the tissue in the dining room…


the remains of the card and envelope in the front hall…


and the box in the sunroom.


“Pep!” I exclaimed when I discovered what she’d been up to.  “You know that things on the dining room table are not for you!  This is something you would have done as a very small puppy!  What were you thinking?”  

“I was bored,” she admitted.  

“Is that a good reason?” I asked.

“Well, yes,” she replied.

“What?”  (Incredulous)

“Boredom is the beginning of creativity.  I’d like to think that my boredom allowed me to tap into the great creativity alive and omnipresent in the universe and within myself, enriching my own life immeasurably and possibly the lives around me.  My brave creative act defies the loneliness of existence.”  

I sighed and cleaned up the mess.  “Maybe you should get back to work on your college application essay,” I suggested.  

*     *     *

*     *     *

"I am not a desperate or lonely dog, only an occasionally bored dog"

“Boredom is just the reverse side of fascination: both depend on being outside rather than inside a situation, and one leads to the other.”  Peppy, quoting Arthur Schopenhauer



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