Sticking a piece of bacon in your drink is a great idea if that drink is a Bloody Mary and there’s a stalk of celery and a sprig of rosemary and a cheese-filled olive close by.  It’s all very cozy and friendly.  

Another great idea?  Sharing reading recs with your Bacon friends!  It’s time for the annual year-end Bacon Readers’ Top Picks, and it’s no fun without you!

What’s the best book you’ve read this year?  (Or one of the best, if that feels like too much pressure.)  I’d be thrilled if you would send me the title, author, and a quick description.  Please stay under 300 words and send it by Sunday, December 11th.  I would be so grateful – and can’t wait to see what comes in!!  Photos welcome. 

Best email address:

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Thank you to Lawrence Cook for today’s splendid photo!

I love it when bacon and celery eye each other hopefully from across the great red sea.

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