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For my Aunt Marie


For my Aunt Marie

Green leaves cradle
the fallen and finished –
spent, diminished –

(Nature cradles
broken things)

yellow small and white
bloom wild, unburdened –
fierce, unplanted –

(Sown by Nature’s careful hand)

her hard shell cracks wide
open and she sings

(Nature cradles
broken things)

*     *     *


*     *     *

Dear Aunt Ree,

There’s no good time to die, is there? You suffered; you persevered; you raised two good daughters who have gone on to raise their own good children. I was always secretly impressed that you married and divorced the same man, twice. That took hella courage. I like to think of the softness in your eyes sometimes, made more special because you normally wore your armor. I like to think of you laughing, and singing. (I was always secretly impressed that you said negative and honest things that not everyone would say.) I like to think that you’re bowling in heaven with a body made new and whole, and maybe you and Uncle Buddy will go fishing, and you will never again struggle to breathe. I like to think of you home, a treasured and cherished child of God. (I like to think that heaven is far greater and stranger than I can imagine, and doesn’t involve bowling or fishing.)

You were a good sister, and daughter, and mother, and aunt, and friend. The world is a smaller place without you.

Love, ~Jen

*      *      *

Photos from the DR, with sincerest thanks to JC and NC for the gift of this journey.



  1. What a beautiful tribute. Xo

  2. I agree with Betsy, What a lovely tribute to your aunt. A perfect Sunday morning reflection. Hope you are feeling stronger and close to being back on your feet soon.

  3. Beautiful

  4. Lovely poem and tribute, Jennifer. So sorry for your loss.

  5. You loved – love – her, and said so in such a moving way. She was obviously special, and so are you. Loss is so tough.

  6. Beautiful tribute to your aunt, Jennifer

  7. Lovely.

  8. Beautiful tribute, dear niece, Jennifer! She would love this!

  9. A beautiful reflection this morning Jennifer – and so very sorry for your loss!

  10. So graceful, beloved J

  11. A beautiful post, Jennifer.

  12. Dearest Jen, this brought a tear to my eye. What an honor to her! She was special!

  13. Such a beautiful tribute Jennifer. Thinking of you and your family.

  14. Lovely, so sorry for your loss

  15. Sweet friend, what a lovely remembrance. I’m so very sorry. xo

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